Beijing private mortgage process

◇ personal mortgage advice features

1. versatility: can be used for business, cars, education, health care, large consumption of durable goods and other legal compliance purposes;

2. wide range of collateral: customer (including spouses) name in the housing, commercial, commercial and residential housing can be used for mortgages;

3. line height: up to a maximum of 70% of the value of the mortgaged property;

4. recycling: a mortgage, recycling, hop by hop, convenient, and available via the merchant POS and online banking channels, such as the self release of funds.

• conditions for private mortgage advice

1. have full civil capacity of a natural person aged 18 (inclusive)-65 (not included) between foreigners and residents of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan for borrowers, should be People's Republic of China lived in the territory for less than a year and have a fixed residence and occupation;

2. have legitimate and valid picture ID, proof of residence (or valid residence certificate) and proof of marital status (whether or not declared);

3. have a good credit record and repayment will;

4. have a stable source of income and ability to repay the principal and interest in full and on time;

5. have a clear purpose; funds comply with the laws, decrees and relevant regulations of the State, committed funds in any form into the stock market, futures market for equity investment, real estate and project development, not for loan to obtain illegal income, as well as other provisions of national laws and regulations shall not operate the project;

6. can offer Bank-accepted legal, valid, and reliable mortgage;

7. opened personal settlement account at the Bank;

8. other conditions stipulated by Bank.


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