Beijing four property cannot be mortgaged loan

the first, affordable housing, particularly affordable housing under five years of age, affordable housing itself for mortgages is limited, if it is under five years of age means that they cannot be traded.

Second, small property, which included farmers from building and construction of rural collective land property, because this type of property not to register with the housing and land as collateral.

third, the outstanding loans of property. Mortgage is no mortgage loans real estate to be property. If there is a mortgage of property or if the property is in a mortgage, banks have he right for this property, if the mortgage on this property, the Bank is not allowed. However, parts can handle this type of mortgage and banking institutions, just needs to be assessed.

Finally, section yigougongfang. Have bought houses in the two situations cannot be processed by mortgage loans, are unable to provide yigougongfang of the purchase contract or purchase agreement. Because if you have original Secretary of housing units have a right of first refusal provisions, banks cannot obtain his rights, so banks cannot mortgage consumer loan. Another cannot provide proof of listing yangchanfang (Central purchased the public housing units in Beijing), because the real estate transaction is not listed, Bank not achieve his only, and that banks do not have a mortgage, it is impossible to operate the business.

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