Bank home loan end of June to close as early as mid-July to restart

"just through chain of real estate buy a House, but not loans, it is said that lending more difficult!" Reader Ms Liu reflected to reporters yesterday. Journalists from a number of agencies confirmed Liu's statement. According to the intermediary lending arm said last week of June the Bank closed a mortgage approval in mid-July at the earliest to return to normal.

reporters noted that in recent days has signed housing buyers, loan cycle is significantly longer than before. "The past in about 20 days, lending time to say no now. In fact, most banks had no lines in the near future, after some of the homes are sold for stuck no loan, housing loan approvals are now stalled. "A company brokers, told reporters.

refusing to loan the company's business to explain, in fact, in accordance with the high bank lending in the second half of the second check, in June tightened lending practices. In particular Central Bank reaffirms to strengthen liquidity management and banks tighten their lending business is no accident. "While the housing loan is the Bank's business, but financial management, Fund and a number of new businesses yields significantly higher than housing loans, so banks further reduced the amount of that part of the business. "

However, the loan company suggests that buyers don't need to worry too much about loans. "In the past year adjustment credit, now down to half or even a quarter. In July, banks divide the total size of loans in the second half, housing loan cuts would go. "Loan company said, according to past experience, the return to normal until mid-July at the earliest. "To this end, I recommend that home buyers loans, missed at the end of June and the best application, so as not to delay their planned use of funds. ”

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