Banks mortgages to interest rates

"shortage of money" background, banks housing credit tightening to at present, although not explicitly stop, but to apply for a mortgage is not too easy. Traces not only 85 percent preferential interest rates unlikely, banks had to raise benchmark interest rates while Bank lending has slowed markedly.

recently, some news about the Bank suspended loans appears to reporters yesterday to home buyers who consulted with a number of banks found that although banks do not explicitly stop, but applications for mortgages, and interest rates are tightened. "First there is no preferential interest rates, and mortgage businesses are few, and even does not do. "Minsheng bank relationship manager, told reporters.

can enjoy preferential rates by 90 percent after the Bank of Beijing, recently said a 90 percent discount are hard to find. This reporter has learned, most benchmark interest rate in the beginning of mortgage, but according to customers ' qualification is likely to fall, but floating the possibility is low. AGBank mortgage account manager told reporters that the notification under the recently, original preferential interest rates has been suspended now, now ABC implementation is a benchmark interest rate, but is slightly different depending on the qualification may enforce.

Bank lending slowed

in addition to loan interest rates, loan period has also been extended, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank staff, from application to mortgage almost 3 weeks, slowly 5-6 week. Credit institutions Wik Ansett General Manager, Wu told reporters that lower due to profit from mortgage operations, the Bank has started to reduce the share of housing loans, lenders like toothpaste. Meanwhile, now that the banks are in context of money shortage, so the end of June, banks are slowing the pace of lending, for some processes before customers may apply for ordinary customers who may slower than the usual 7 to 10 working days.

experts said that in July, banks divide the total size of loans in the second half, housing loan cuts will go. "I expected to wait until mid-July, the mortgage business could return to normal, it is recommended that buyers who missed the two-week period. "


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