Bank loans to pay attention to what the requirements

1, before the loan not to use Fund. Balances if a borrower before the loan for Provident Fund savings to cover housing, your reserve account reserve balance is zero, so your Provident Fund loan limit is zero, does this mean that you application to fund loans.

2, borrowing not to early repayment within one year. In accordance with the relevant provisions of the Provident Fund loans, partial prepayment shall be one year after the loan is made, and you return the amount should not exceed 6 months of payments.

3, repayment difficulties do not forget to look for the side of the banks. When you are in the term of loan repayment ability, repayment difficulties, don't go. ICBC's customer to the Bank's application for an extension of the loan period, investigations by the Bank is true, and not default on repayment of principal, interest, the Bank will accept your application for extension of the loan period.

4, after the rented accommodation don't forget the duty of disclosure. When you have mortgage rental housing during the loan, your mortgage must be the fact that inform the lessee in writing.

don't forget to withdraw after 5, pay back the loan in collateral. When you pay off the full principal and interest on the loan, Bank loan clearance certificates and other proof of entitlement of the mortgaged real estate housing area, County, withdrawal of mortgage of real estate transactions.

6, don't lose loan contracts and IOUs. Apply for a loan, banking and you sign the loan contract and indebtedness are important legal documents. Because of the loan for a long time, as the borrower shall take good care of your contracts and IOUs.

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