Beijing housing loans of the four skills

skills one of understood repayment way select for of repayment way also can let loan people reached save money purpose currently compared General of repayment way has matching principal and interest matching principal double week for this three species repayment way from save interest of angle view followed by for double week for > matching principal > matching principal and interest three species repayment way features and the applies crowd the has its features borrowing people can according to itself reality for select.

bis skills using the borrowers pay Provident Fund Provident Fund for a term proposed to make use of advantages of Provident Fund loans in the purchase of Provident Fund can not only enjoy a lower down payment easy approval and interest rates also a certain proportion of preferential policies in the Provident Fund to buy policies, not only can enjoy low interest rates when housing Provident Fund account balance can also be directly down.

skills in three different banks of a borrower's mortgage to choose between different bank loans can be reached different money-saving effects of foreign banks from the current mortgage market and higher local competition consciousness of Chinese banks are also optional scope for more and more borrowers are also growing.

within funding Bank of advantage is understand local borrowing people needs launched of loan products for different crowd State-owned bank commercial banks agricultural credit union, in borrowing in the credit degrees high the Bank branch branch, business dot intensive convenient borrowing people repayment its disadvantage is part within funding Bank in loan details Shang missing human service business handle in the the sector convergence sex poor business management system and the competition strategy than foreign bank mature.

foreign banks of all mortgage products more one-on-one services more user-friendly prepayment unlimited flexible and convenient part of the housing policy more flexible its disadvantage is that the barriers to entry high requirements of customers at the Bank a certain amount deposits customers can apply for a mortgage on the borrower's qualification less than strict business outlets low degree of localization.

skills of the four Mortgage purchase for wants to reached save money purpose of borrowing people also can select mortgage consumption loan recommends using mortgage property again purchase of borrowing people as don't select mortgage Hou again loan of form purchase because such is to paid mortgage loan and commercial loan two part of months for and commercial loan part of interest rate may will by floating times to implementation for borrowing people will formed larger of repayment pressure if borrowing people select mortgage loan again plus hand savings, achieved full paragraph purchase is can in must degree Shang avoid two Suite policy borrowing people select mortgage full paragraph purchase will relative sound some 。

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