How to calculate mortgage payments mortgage slave buying loans is very important

commercial loan mortgage slave selection, what about how to calculate mortgage payments, this is a lot of house slaves can't figure out the problem. In addition to the base rate will be with the national credit policy within a certain period of adjustment, select which loans will also affect interest rates. At present, there are two types of loans when the Bank loans, how to calculate mortgage payments equal interest and equal principal law respectively.

How to calculate mortgage payments equal principal repayment is the total principal amount of the mortgage loan and interest added, then in equal shares to the repayments each month. People as repayment, to Bank a fixed amount every month, but the proportion of monthly payment for principal monthly increases, interest share of monthly declines. 15, the monthly repayment: total loan 1176.87:211835.91 payment of interest: 71835.912.

the so-called equal principal method is to divide the principal each month and paid the previous day to interest on the repayment date. This method of repayment relatively equal in terms of principal and interest, less overall interest expense, but more upfront payments of principal and interest repayment burden of monthly decline. 15, the monthly repayment: the first month, February 1470.78, March 1466.93, April 1463.08, 1459.23 ... ... month after month decline. Total payout: 202716.5 payment of interest: 62716.5.



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