Buy used car loan process

first, the dealer for a loan

when they selected their favorite car, you first need to issues relevant to the enquiry to car dealer to buy a car, vehicle models, a total amount of purchase. On selected models have such detailed knowledge, both in terms of price, performance, and was also on bus service through communication and car salesmen after end of heart.

Second, audit information on loans to buy a car

and then, information will need to apply for a loan to buy a car to the dealer to do the trial, including auto loan application forms, contracts, such as bank loans, and provides and the spouse ID card, residence booklet, proof of income, proof of property ownership certificate, marriage license and other credit, by the borrower and spouse sign a loan contract and relevant documents. This is done to allow banks, insurance companies and auto dealers have a understanding of your situation, as long as the loans, then you would be handling loan business.

third, the first payment, signed a contract

according to the cars of their choice to pay down payment, generally pay a 20% of cars (some dealers have zero pays models). Then signed a contract to buy a car with dealer and corresponding motor vehicle insurance by insurance companies.

four, banks receive, audit

dealers to submit customer information and purchase contracts the Bank, by the Bank carry out pre-loan investigation, when these are done, then, determined by banks lending again.

five, dealer delivery vehicles

after Bank loans to car dealers, dealer vehicle entrance procedures, licensing and vehicle insurance procedures, and according to the agreed time to deliver vehicles to car buyers. At this point, the entire loans buy a car program was completed.

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